Investors in Pupils

IIP logoIn 2012, Bowling Park achieved a very special award called Investors in Pupils. We earned this award by showing that the pupils, staff, parents and governors of the school all work together, like cogs in a machine, and put in lots of effort to make our school the best that it can be.

In June, some very important people will be coming to Bowling Park to see if we should be given the award again. They will be looking at certain things like:

– Learning behaviour across the school

– How we help to welcome new children and visitors into each class

– How well we respect and look after our school property and resources

– Our understanding of the important jobs of all the adults in the school

School Council will be telling you more about this in our next Investors in Pupils assembly.

It is really important that we all keep on working towards our learning behaviour targets. What is your target and how are you going to achieve it?


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19 Responses to Investors in Pupils

  1. conner says:

    My individual target is to bring my pe kit and homework

  2. ABDULLAH says:


  3. conner says:

    My target is to bring my pe kit and homework in.

  4. hafsa says:

    My target is to bring my book bag in.

  5. Sumaiya says:

    My target is to use a big loud voice so I Will use a louder voice.

  6. arsalan says:

    My target is to read at home.

  7. Amna says:

    my target is come to school every day and I will try to come to school on time

  8. Wassail says:

    My target is if I get stuck I will tell the teecher

  9. Miss Llewellyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your targets so far. I hope you are all making progress towards reaching them so you can receive a special certificate in our next assembly!

    • Trinity says:

      My first target was to come to school every day and not be late.But now I have achieved it I got a reward and got a new target which is to always have a positive attitude.

      • Miss Llewellyn says:

        Well done on achieving your target Trinity! I am sure you will make good progress towards your new target too.

  10. Shahinur says:

    My target is to be more confident and get a job in class. So far, I’m doing good. I just need a job.

    • Miss Llewellyn says:

      What kind of a job in class would you like Shahinur? Let me know and we will get you started!

  11. Ibrahim says:

    My target is to read at home every day.

  12. Aleeza says:

    ! have achieved my target and my new one is:

    To be determined and never give up

  13. ravjot says:

    To not worry so much. Now I ignore others

  14. Reeha says:

    My target is to make new friends

    • Miss Llewellyn says:

      A brilliant target! How are you going to achieve your target? Can you share any ideas about how to make new friends?

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